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Dimensiones: 10.85"L x 3.25"h x 3.25"W
Peso: TBD

The NAV 122D is literally being brought back due to popular demand. In fact, at the time it was discontinued it was one of the more desired NAV systems of the day and today is one of the hottest items in the pre-owned avionics market. NAV 122's were discontinued only because the technology of the day, drove production cost up to the point, the price became non-attractive.

The New NAV 122D , is a self-contained 200 Channel NAV Receiver, 40 Channel Glideslope Receiver, VOR, Localizer and Glideslope Indicator all packaged to fit into a 3.0" instrument hole. The all new NAV 122D, is completely re-designed utilizing "Surface Mount Design Technology" and will "Directly Replace . . . Pin for Pin (hole for hole) the original NAV 122 Series clear back through the early NAV 12. (NAV 12 Replacement Will Require An Inter-connect Cable).


NAV 122D . . . Suggested List Price . . . $3,775.00

The New NAV 122D/GPS, will be the same as the NAV 122D (above) except it will include a resolver ( if required ), thus having the additional capability of being utilized as the required "Left / Right" Indicator, as required in IFR approved GPS installations.

NAV 122D/GPS . . . Suggested List Price . $4,142.00 w/o res.
NAV 122D/GPS . . . Suggested List Price . $4,405.00 w/ res.