TN 200D Nav

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The compact size of the Terra by Trimble TN 200D is just one reason why pilots find this feature-packed NAV radio so desirable.

The TN 200D provides precise navigation which can drive the Terra TRINAV and TRINAV C Electronic Course Deviation Indicators (ECDI), as well as other VOR/ILS indicators. It can also be equipped with an optional 40 channel glideslope receiver. This dealer-installed option can be added when you purchase your TN 200D or it can be added at a later date. The glideslope option allows you to channel DME systems.

The TN 200D solid state navigation receiver is an ideal companion to the TX 760D communications transceiver and is designed with similar features. It has the same advanced surface mount technology which offers benefits previously limited to airline avionics.

The Terra by Trimble single knob tuning featyre allows you to quickly select 200 digitally synthesized navigation frequencies from 108.00 to 117.95 MHz. Frequency information is displayed on a brilliant planar gas discharge display. This display is clearly readable in bright sunlight and adjusts automatically to varying light conditions. In addition, the active and standby frequencies are displayed side by side and can be switched with a single push of the transfer button.

Thanks to its non-volatility memory, you can store, display, and select up to ten frequencies with the TN 200D. This Terra feature simplifies the re-selection of commonly used navigation stations, thusreducing pilot workload.

Like all Terra by Trimble avionics, the TN 200D comes in a rugged stainless steel mounting tray, in either a single or dual chassis. You can also purchase an optional chassis that mounts into a standard 3" cutout. This makes the unit even more flexible when planning your aircraft panel.

For the smallest receiver offering the biggest features, the Terra by Trimble TN 200D is the right fit.

Power Requirements: 13.75 VDC

Current Requirements:0.4 A w/GS; 0.3 A w/o GS

Size: 3.125(W) x 1.6(H) x 11.45(L) inches

Weight: 1.4 lbs. w/GS; 1.1 lbs w/o GS