Terra Tri Nav C

Precision Electronic Course Deviation Indicators for both the VFR and IFR pilot

When you fly you need the mosty accurate, comprehensive navigation information availavle and you need it at your fingertips. With the easy to use Terra by Trimble Tri Nav and Tri Nav C Electronic Course Deviation Indicators (ECDI), that's exactly what you get. These unique, solid state ECDIs feature gas discharge displays with destinct characters and graphics that are clearly visible even in the brightest sunlight. And because there are no mechanical needles, the Tri Nav and Tri Nav C eliminate the risk of meedles sticking associated with traditional CDIs. Whether you are in VFR or IFR conditions, Terra by Trimble state of the art technology provides a remarkable platform, giving you critical information that reduces confusion and workload.

The Tri Nav and Tri Nav C include innovative featuyres such as the ability to desplay two NAV sources, ILS courses with glideslope deviation, and a localizer back-course mode which indicates the correct back-course radial without reverse sensing confusion. In addition, the NAV 2 "reference" feature makes identifying intersections and tracking progress along a radial very simple. With the Auto-center CDI and Auto OBS Reset feature, you can easily and automatically center the CDI with no knobs to turn and no needles to center.

While supplying the same multifunctional features of the Tri Nav, the Tri Nav C displays one VOR/ILS course with glideslope deviation and one external GPS or LORAN course deviation. And there is no need for external switching.

Additional Tri Nav and Tri Nav C features include flight direction indicators, 0 - 10 minute built-in timers and gas discharge displays with auto dimming. These and many other unique features make the Terra by Trimble Tri Nav and Tri Nav C and exceptional tool for both the VFR and IFR pilots.

Accuracy: +/- 2 degrees

Max deflection: 10 degrees = 14 bar deflection