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  • Fully integrated autopilot/flight director system
  • Features are heading select/heading hold, built-in VOR/LOC radio coupler and NAV tracking
  • Continuous roll/nav/voltage monitors, heading hold, heading select, NAV (VOR/RNAV) / LOC/BC anticipative intercept and track, automatic soft track, auto 45-degree intercept and all angle intercept with HSI
  • Square 3-ATI directional gyro and artificial horizon provide standard outputs
  • Other features include altitude hold, glideslope coupler, attitude select/hold, and proportional automatic electric trim/manual trim standard
  • Continuous pitch/GS monitors, and automatic pitch synchronization to existing roll section
  • Flight director computes necessary roll and pitch attitudes needed to intercept and maintain headings, courses, attitudes and altitudes
  • Flight director features single que steering horizon presentation of roll and pitch commands provided by autopilot computer
  • Slaved and non-slaved NSD HSIs optional
  • Expansions/Upgrades available to include yaw axis and altitude preselect
Panel Space: Computer/Programmer - 6.24" x 2.25" x 12.5" Weight: Computer/Programmer - 5.8 lbs.
Power: 1.2 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC Panel Space: Pitch - no additional required
Weight: Pitch - 9.3 lbs. Power: Pitch - 1.1 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC
Panel Space: Flight Director - no additional required Weight: Flight director card - .4 lbs.
Power: .3 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC