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  • Altitude Selector used in KFC-200 and KFC-250 Autopilot Systems
  • Serves as altitude preselector, altitude alerter, and altitude capture guidance unit
  • Altitudes from sea level to 49000 ft. amy be preselected in increments of 100 feet
  • Selected altitude and visual warning display is controlled by automatic light dimming circuit that provides sufficient intensity under all cockpit conditions
  • Altitude Selector may be coupled to Flight Director and Autopilot for automatic altitude capture once climb or descent is selected
Size: 3.26"W x 1.54"H x 8.0"L Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Power Input: 28VDC with 0.35 amps max TSO: C9c, C52a C1ASXXXXXXABBBB
Signal Input: Servoed altimeter, barometrically corrected, DC output= altitude invalid= +28V Gnd= valid Signal Outputs: Altitude Aural Alert, Altitude Visual Warning, Altitude Hold Engage, Altitude Arm Ann., Altitude Capture Guidance

Part Number Altitude Preselector Description
065-0046-02 see details above