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KFC-150 Autopilot System

(Includes Flight Director and KCS-55A HSI Compass System)

     If you are interested in the ultimate in panel-mounted flight control systems for a single or twin-engine aircraft, consider the KFC-150 Flight Control System. The system incorporates a sophisticated two-axis autopilot with a flight director system. This combination simplifies your job in the cockpit dramatically, particularly in a challenging IFR environment.

    The KFC-150 Flight Control System panel units consist of the KC-192 Flight Computer/Mode Controller/Mode Annunciator, the KI-256 Flight Command Indicator, and the KI-525A Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI).

    The flight director system is a computer which calculates and displays the appropriate pitch and roll attitudes required to intercept and maintain a course, an approach path, an altitude or a heading. Once computed, the commands are displayed to the pilot on a single cue steering command, which is part of the KI-256 Flight Command Indicator.

    In some installations, the KI-256 is replaced by a KI-254, which contains an electrically driven, rather than air driven, gyro. The KI-254 is similar to the KI-256, but has flags for the Flight Director and gyro. The instrument is labeled "DC" and has a knob to "cage" the gyro.

    The KI-525A HSI is part of the Bendix/King KCS-55A Compass System. The KI-525A displays both magnetic heading and horizontal navigation information on the same instrument--hence the name Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). The KCS-55A Compass System also helps relieve pilot workload by removing the necessity of periodically resetting magnetic heading. Since it is a slaved system, it makes automatic adjustments for gyro precession.

  The autopilot and flight director functions of the KFC-150 combine to provide sophisticated digital flight control capability for singles and twins.