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  • Flight Command Indicator used in Bendix/King KFC-150 and KFC-200 Flight Control Systems
  • Internally air driven
  • Houses attitude gyro and presents pictorial display of aircraft pitch and roll attitudes
  • Single cue command bar displays computer flight director command
  • Supplies pitch and roll reference signals to KC-295 Flight Computer
  • Available with zero degree or 8 degree panel tilt (see table below)

  • NOTE: Exchange price may vary if core unit does not have Mods 1-4
Size: 3.55"W x 3.37"H x 7.31"L Weight: 3.3 lbs.
Mounting: Front panel mounted TSO: C4c/C52a
DO-138: DA/KM/AAAXXXXXX Power Inputs: +14VDC/0.7AMP max or +28VDC/0.7AMP max; 10VAC, 430Hz with .2 amp max.
Signal Inputs: Flight Director Command signals from the KC-295 computer. Power and Ground for DH light +14V or +28V Signal Output: Attitude reference signal for KC-295 flight computer

Part Number Flight Director Indicator Description
060-0017-00 Basic version zero degree panel tilt
060-0017-01 Basic version eight degree panel tilt