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  • Handheld, portable, battery-powered NAV/COMM transceiver
  • VOR Mode with built-in Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) and 'Radial' & 'Bearing' readouts on all 160 frequencies
  • Includes seven National Weather Service channels to provide local weather information
  • 760 COMM channels and sidetone transmission to allow transmission to be heard through headphones
  • Ten programmable memory channels
  • Scan mode scans all frequencies within a specified range or selected channels
  • Controls include top-mounted knobs for volume and squelch, along with a front-mounted digital keypad for frequency and mode selection
  • Options include speaker/mic with epaulet clip, cigarette lighter-plug power adapter/charger unit, alkaline battery adapter, single desktop charger, 5-unit desktop charger, 12V trickle charger, antenna adapter, earphone, leather case, leather shoulder strap, cloth case
  • NOTE: unit no longer in production, accessories still in production
Transmitter Power: 1.5 Watts minimum Dimensions: 2.6"W x 1.6"L x 8.0"H (less antenna)
Weight: 1.75 lbs. Channel Spacing: 25kHz COMM, 50kHz NAV