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The 8800 Series Affordable Collision Alerting / Avoidance

Have a safe flight...
The Ryan TCAD (Traffic and Collision Alert Device) provides greater peace of mind for you and your passengers. It helps pilots to avoid mid-air conflicts and, if necessary, react to the developing traffic situation around them.

How does the TCAD work? Your aircraft is surrounded by thousands of transponder replies from nearby aircraft. TCAD receives, tracks and displays the transponder data, giving you critical information for traffic awareness and safety.

No-question interpretation...
No two aircraft can collide unless they are nearly at the same altitude. The Ryan TCAD enables you to track the vertical separation between you and other traffic.

Since altitude separation is the most important component in collision avoidance, the Ryan TCAD series sounds an alert and gives you a digital profile view of traffic, emphasizing the altitude separation for fast, no-question interpretation.

Collision Avoidance isn't just for airliners anymore.
Ryan International Corporation has brought a new standard of collision alerting and avoidance to general aviation with the introduction of the Ryan 8800 Series TCAD. For the first time, full function TCAD is available at a price that even a modest general aviation budget can afford. With the 8800 Series, collision alerting and avoidance isn't just for airliners anymore.

Easy-to-read, reliable Vacuum Florescent (VF) display.
Compact panel-mounting of the entire system.
Profile view of traffic that includes threat altitude, altitude separation and range.
Dual receiver design for real-time threat data.
Top and bottom antennas to minimize airframe shadowing and give a comprehensive, "full" view of traffic above and below the aircraft.
Two traffic shield sizes: Terminal +-500 ft/1.5 inm and Enroute +-2000 ft/3 inm.
Ground mode eliminates other ground traffic while monitoring traffic in the pattern.
Tracks over 50 threats simultaneously.

Displays the three most imminent threats:


 Altitude Trend

System weight 7.9lbs./3.6Kg

Two Ryan 8800 TCADs to choose from:

Best of all, the Ryan 8800 Series TCAD is available in two affordable, full featured models that bring collision alerting to the general aviation market - the upgradable 8800 Silver TCAD and the deluxe 8800 Gold TCAD.

 8800 Gold TCAD

Big system features at a fraction of the cost.

The Gold 8800 sets a new standard in collision alerting and avoidance with value-added features previously available only in TCAD's and costing thousands more.


The 8800 Gold displays the transponder type (Mode A, A/C, S) of threat aircraft transponder code or "N" number for Mode S equipped aircraft, and MSL altitude for better identification of threat traffic.

Built-in altitude alerter

The 8800 Gold warns when approaching a target altitude or when deviating from the target altitude - ideal for IFR operations.


8800 Silver TCAD

Small on price, big on capability.

Fundamental collision alerting without all the "bells and whistles." The 8800 Silver is the perfect solution with these features:


The 8800 Silver displays the MSL altitude of the threat aircraft.


It doesn't take an alchemist to change Silver to Gold, just contact your nearest Ryan International Corporation Authorized Sales and Service Center.