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The Ultimate Collision Alert Safeguard

How High? How Far? Which Direction?

Have a safe flight...
The Ryan TCAD (Traffic and Collision Alert Device) provides greater peace of mind for you and your passengers. It helps pilots to avoid mid-air conflicts and, if necessary, react to the developing traffic situation around them.

How does the TCAD work? Your aircraft is surrounded by thousands of transponder replies from nearby aircraft. TCAD receives, tracks and displays the transponder data, giving you critical information for traffic awareness and safety.

Two antennas are better than one...
To fly safely, you need to maintain awareness of the airspace surrounding your aircraft. This means knowledge of the unseen airspace above, below and behind your aircraft is as important as the airspace in front of your windshield.

The Ryan TCAD uses top and bottom mounted antennas for an optimum view of traffic both above and below your aircraft, minimizing airframe shadowing.


No-question interpretation...
No two aircraft can collide unless they are nearly at the same altitude. The Ryan TCAD enables you to track the vertical separation between you and other traffic.

Since altitude separation is the most important component in collision avoidance, the Ryan TCAD series sounds an alert and gives you a digital profile view of traffic, emphasizing the altitude separation for fast, no-question interpretation. Ryan TCAD gives you more information for more informed decision-making including:

When you're Ryan TCAD equipped, you also have access to the actual altitude and transponder squawk of a potential threat aircraft, the "N" number (when the threat aircraft is Mode S equipped), and a Dynamic Air Traffic Shield that automatically displays traffic beyond the selected airspace during high-performance climbs and descents.

Pilot-selectable features...
The Ryan TCAD provides selectable airspace volumes for terminal, intermediate and enroute operations. You choose the airspace to monitor, minimizing distraction and maximizing effectiveness.

Immediate identification...
The Ryan TCAD Model 9900B features an easy-to-read arrow to direct you toward the traffic for fast identification.

Equipped for the future...
The Ryan TCAD is designed to accommodate future changes in technology. Owning a Ryan TCAD now means owing a large part of tomorrow's system, including free flight and ADS-B.

The Ryan TCAD 9900B...top-of-the-line essential traffic information