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The FlightMax 440 provides all the situational awareness capability needed for non-radar aircraft at an affordable price. Fully upgradable, the FlightMax 440 offers a complete vector-graphic moving map, Stormscope® lightning, IFR & VFR charts, and traffic when interfaced with Ryan TCAD™. With FlightMax, TCAD is displayed for the first time on a full-size, full-color display with standard traffic symbology, dramatically improving interpretation of data and situational awareness. In addition, the FlightMax 440 has an optional interface available for the popular BFG Skywatch™ traffic advisory system, providing full-color traffic awareness at a fraction of the cost of conventional TCAS. FlightMax’s open-architecture design will also accomodate future enhancements including datalink graphical weather, terrain awareness, and long-range traffic awareness via ADS-B (Automatic-Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) and TIS (Traffic Information System).