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Tailored for radar-equipped aircraft, the FlightMax 740 can replace most new and used Bendix/King radar indicators including support for Vertical Profile™. With the FlightMax 740, pilots maintain the functionality of their current radar system, with the added benefit of a full-featured moving map display, a WX 500 Stormscope® Lightning interface, digitized chart displays, and traffic avoidance through either a Ryan TCADTM (Traffic and Collision Alert Device) interface, an optional BFG SkywatchTM TAS (Traffic Advisory System) interface or an optional TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System) interface. Certified as a primary traffic display, the FlightMax 740 provides full-color, industry-standard symbology and traffic advisories for TCAS, TAS and TCAD. As an added feature, the FlightMax 740 provides traffic alerts as text messages of distance, bearing and relative altitude, with one-button pop-up access to the traffic display, allowing you to have complete traffic avoidance protection, even when viewing other displays. FlightMax’s open-architecture design will also accomodate future enhancements including datalink graphical weather, terrain awareness, and long-range traffic awareness via ADS-B (Automatic-Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) and TIS (Traffic Information System).