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Introducing the FlightMax 850. The FlightMax 850 Flight Situation Display is the most comprehensive and advanced situational awareness display solution available, providing the highest level of functionality, upgradeability, and value. Tailored for business and commercial aircraft, the FlightMax 850 is a direct replacement for existing weather radar indicators, so panel space is not a problem. FlightMax maintains all the functionality of the existing radar system, including Vertical Profile and Sector Scan when interfaced with compatible radar systems, while adding a full-featured moving map display. The additional radar enhancements of FlightMax's exclusive BeamView and TiltView, as well as AutoTilt, provide improved weather radar interpretation. The FlightMax 850 also provides display capability for TCAS I or BFG Skywatch traffic, Honeywell EGPWS, and WX 500 Stormscope lightning. Until now, displaying all this information required discrete indicators or costly remote graphics adapters. The FlightMax's open-architecture design will also accommodate future enhancements including datalink graphical weather, Controller/Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) and long-range traffic awareness via Automatic-Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. (ADS-B) With FlightMax, you'll fly with confidence knowing you have the best situational awareness display available, providing you with the highest level of safety, for today, tomorrow, and forever.