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Alimentacion: 28Vdc

4 Kw Vertical Profile: The Complete 4 colors digital Weather Picture

If you're familiar with weather radar systems for high-performance aircraft, you know how valuable they can be in providing information about changing weather conditions. But until you've seen the new high-powered Bendix/King RDR 2000 Vertical Profile Weather Radar System, you haven't seen the complete weather picture.

Incorporating an all-new design, the RDR 2000 is the first of a new generation of vertical Profile weather radars. Starting with all the capabilities and features you'd expect in a traditional two-dimensional digital radar system, the compact, affordable RDR 2000 adds something no other radar can offer: An exclusive vertical display of weather information.

Now, you can see how fast a storm is building, by monitoring the tops of cells with your RDR 2000. And it's easy as selecting your target in the RDR 2000's horizontal mode, and pushing a button to switch to Vertical Profile mode.

You can check the angle of a cell's leading edge to see whether it's moving toward or away from you. Simply scan the weather ahead in the traditional horizontal mode to choose a target, and then change over to Vertical Profile mode with the push of a button.

You can even use the RDR 2000's Vertical Profile mode to spot the difference between weather and ground returns. Starting in the horizontal mode, switch to Vertical Profile mode to cross-reference the height of ;your selected targets, and then switch back to confirm your data.

The RDR 2000-designed by pilots for pilots- was developed to allow you to do all these things quickly, easily and automatically. That's because we understand that, when you're flying in weather, you've got more important things to do than make minute adjustments on your radar.

Based on traditional radar protocols, Vertical Profile scanning is actually easier to manage than standard horizontal operations. After selecting a target area in horizontal mode, simply press the "VP" button on the RDR 2000's bezel to activate the Vertical Profile mode and change the screen display. The word "Profile" appears at the top left corner, and a yellow airplane symbol appears at the left midpoint of the screen to represent your aircraft's altitude.

With the RDR 2000, you get a full capability radar system that shows you the complete weather picture-without distracting you from your primary mission, and without requiring you to implement any complicated tilt management techniques. And you get all this capability in a high powered, two-unit system that's surprisingly affordable.

Enables user to examine angle of cell's leading edge to determine direction of movement, check "radar tops", and clearly distinguish between ground and weather returns. Fully stabilized to +-30 degrees combined pitch and roll. Four levels of color with switchable ranges of 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, and 240nm. Horizontal scan angle of 100 degrees, vertical scan angle of 60 degrees. Output 4.0kW (rated), 3.5kw (nominal). Fully EFIS compatible using ARINC 429 and ARINC 453 data bus structure. With 12" antenna (10" available). TSO'd to 55,000 feet. Other features: multifunction display, fault annunciation, TILT readout on CRT, independent dual indicator operation.

Dimensions: H/W/D - 4.11/6.4/12.57 in.
Power Required: 28vdc-3.0a