Bendix/King RDS-81/82

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The King RDS-81 is among our most popular radar systems. A price leader, the RDS-81 features four levels of color display, range of up to 240nm, and full stabilization to 25 degrees of pitch and roll. With 1,000 watts of transmit power plus separate pulse widths and repetition rates for each range, you get the best mix of excellent penetration and high resolution. Special weather attenuation compensation helps you see the storms behind the storms. A two piece system, the RDS-81 offers simplified installation. A 12 inch Phased Array antenna is included (a 10 inch model is also available). The RDS-82 is similar to the RDS-81 but adds additional features including a full EFIS interface. A "VP" (Vertical Profile) version of the RDS-82 is also available. The "VP" version scans storm cells vertically giving you the ability to study the shape of the cell as well as its leading edge so you can get a true 3D mental picture of the storm. Bendix/King RDS-81 Radar System (Used) Reg........ $ 12,989 ... Special!........ $ 11,989 Bendix/King RDS-82 Radar System (Used) Reg........ $ 13,989 ... Special!........ $ 12,989 Bendix/King RDS-82 "VP" Radar System (Used) Reg........ $ 18,989 ... Special!........ $ 16,989