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The SKYWATCH™ Traffic Advisory System provides real collision avoidance information for a fraction of the cost of TCAS. It monitors the airspace around your aircraft and indicates where to look for nearby transponder-equipped aircraft that may pose a collision threat.
Key SKYWATCH™ Features:
Active Surveillance System
Tracks up to 30 intruder aircraft simultaneously
Generates both aural & visual traffic advisories
Selectable 2 & 6 nmi horizontal display ranges
+/- 10,000 ft. relative altitude tracking range
Look Up/Look Down" altitude display modes to simplify intruder identification
Can toggle between lightning information and traffic information when connected to a Stormscope® WX-1000 processor
Automatically shifts to SKYWATCH™ view from Stormscope® view when Traffic Advisories are issued
3 - ATI - size display
Uses TCAS-like symbology
For more information, view the SKYWATCH™ brochure and SKYWATCH™ Pilot's Guide (both are PDF documents - free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader required for viewing).