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An Eye Through The Storm

Accurate, reliable weather information is vital to the successful completion of any flight. Whether you're carrying 50 passengers or just one, there's no better way to obtain the information you need to plan smooth, efficient routes than with the Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Weather Radar.

The Collins TWR-850 is the only solid-state, turbulence-detecting weather radar for business and regional airline aircraft. Building on the expertise gained through the development of the Collins WXR-700 weather radar flown by major airlines worldwide, its solid-state design provides significant improvements over conventional magnetron-based systems in performance and reliability.

The advanced Doppler techniques used by the TWR-850 provide unsurpassed precipitation and turbulence detection capability. The system also takes a major step forward in applying the latest in component technology and engineering innovation, providing a lower cost of ownership. The TWR-850's solid-state design includes a number of cost-saving benefits, including the elimination of expensive periodic magnetron replacement.

The Collins TWR-850 includes such advanced features as autotilt, dual control capability and ground clutter suppression. Designed for use on a wide range of aircraft, it is also compact and lightweight. Available with 12-,14- and 18-inch antennas, the Collins TWR-850 is the best source of accurate weather and turbulence information for your entire fleet, regardless of aircraft type.

Collins TWR-850 shows you the precise location of rainfall-related turbulence - often in areas that otherwise would be considered safe for flight - allowing you to restructure your flight plan to provide the smoothest, most efficient flight possible.