ALT4000 Radio Altimetro

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Digital and analog outputs enable the ALT-4000 to be used with both EFIS and electromechanical systems.

Radio altimeter information may be displayed in a variety of display formats, depending on flight deck configuration.

Designed for unsurpassed reliability and accuracy, the Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter provides accurate radio altitude measurements above terrain. The ALT-4000 may be part of a fully integrated Collins Avionics system or used in a stand-alone configuration. Designed in triplex, it supports landing through Category III fail operational.

Accurate And Reliable.

The Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter is a highly reliable digital system providing radio altitude above terrain height up to 2,500 feet with accuracy within 2 feet at critical low altitudes. Because the ALT-4000 can provide both digital and analog outputs, this altitude data may be used for cockpit displays, flight management systems and related avionics equipment, such as GPWS, during approach and within other flight regimes. ALT-4000 features include:


We've earned our reputation for reliability. Our DME units, for example, have achieved a field MTBF of 40,000 hours. When you consider that the average regional airline aircraft flies 2,500 hours a year and carries two DME units, you could go eight years without a problem of any kind. We're building all Collins Pro Line radio sensors to the same standards.