KN 75 Senda

Precio OH:
Alimentacion: 14 o 28Vdc

  • Remote mounted, 40-channel, solid-state glideslope receiver with "universal" channeling capability
  • Can be used with 2x5, BCD, 11 or 12 wire codes, and KX-170/175 serial codes
  • Designed to work in conjunction with external indicators such as the KI-204/206/209 and KI-525A HSI as well as other indicators which have ARINC characterisitics
  • Capable of driving eight 1000 ohm loads and nine 1000 ohm alarm flag loads
  • External controls available are glideslope zero and course width on front of unit
  • 14 V or 28 V operation
  • TSO'd
Size: 1.1"W x 4.0"H x 10.67"L Weight: 1.5 lbs.
TSO Categories: C34c Operation Performance Category II; Class D; DO-138 Env. Cat. BA/JN/AZAXXXXXX Number of channels: 40 (150KHz spacing)
Centering Accuracy: Less than +10ua under all service conditions Frequency Range: 329.15MHz to 335.00MHz
Temperature Range: -46C to +55C for continuous operation Mounting: Rigid, any position
Input Impedence: 50 ohms Sensitivity: 20uv or less for 60% of standard deflection
Altitude: To 30,000 feet Design: Solid state remote mounted unit. Capable of operating with standard ARINC meter loads
Duty Cycle: Continuous Loads: Capable of operating eight 1000 ohm deviation loads and nine 1000 ohm alarm flag loads

Part Number Glideslope Receiver Description
066-1063-00 14/28 volt, TSO'd