KT 79 Transponder

Alimentacion: 11 a 33V dc

  • Digital, flat-pack ATC transponder
  • Single knob used to select codes
  • Simultaneous display of encoded altitude and ATC code
  • Push button selection of VFR code
  • Solid-state
  • 250 watts peak nominal
  • Operates from 11 to 33 Volts
Size: 6.25"W x 1.3"H x 10.5"L Weight: 3.4 lbs.
TSO Compliance: C74c Class 1A Temperature: -20 to +55C
Altitude: Up to 50000 feet Transmitter Frequency: 1090 MHz +-3MHz
Receiver Frequency: 1030 MHz +-3MHz Transmitter Power: 200 watts peak pulse, minimum
Receiver Sensitivity: -74dBm nominal Mode A Capability: 4096 codes plus special IDENT pulse
Mode C Capability: Interfaces with ARINC altitude digitizer, reporting in 100 ft. increments from -1000 to 62700 feet Side Lobe Suppression: 3 pulse
Suppression Input: (Unilateral) 10v (Bendix/King format) Suppression Input/Output: (Bilateral) ARINC Bilateral suppression

Part Number Digital ATC Transponder Description
066-1053-00 see details above