TDR 90 Transponder

Alimentacion: 28V dc

  • ATC Transponder providing identification of aircraft on ground controller's plan position indicator
  • Provides Modes A and C operation when used with altitude digitizer
  • Typically used with either CTL-90 digital control or 613L-3 analog control
    (available in single and dual controls)
  • Can also be controlled with CTL-92 Proline II control when used with CAD-62 adapter
  • Short low-profile design
  • Lightweight
Dimensions: 2.42"W x 3.5"H x 13.71"L Weight: 3.5 lbs.
FAA TSO: C74b or C74c, Class 1A FCC Rules: Part 87
RTCA: DO-138 (Env. Cat /AD/A/JNG/AAAEXXXXX Temperature: -54 to +5 C (continuous)
Altitude: 45000 ft. max. (operation) Shock: 6g, 6 postions (11 +-2 ms duration) for operation
Power Source: 27.5 V dc +-20%, 1.9 A max at 1% duty cycle Power Requirements: Standby: 25W; Operation at 1% transmitter duty factor: 40W
Peak Pulse Power: 250 to 400 watts (325 nominal) Sensitivity: -72 to -80 dBm
Bandwidth: 6 mHz at 3 dB down, 50 MHz at 60 dB down Frequency Stability: +-3 mHz

Part Number ATC Transponder Description:
622-1270-001 see features above