TRT 250D

Alimentacion: 11 a 32Vdc

A transponder certified to category C74C Class 2A, offering state-of-the-art solid miniature microwave technology

Having an aircraft that is transponder-equipped makes you easily identifiable by ground radar. It also opens up more airspace for your operations. Air Traffic Control is able to offer transponder-equipped aircraft higher levels of service, separation, and safety. This is a must when flying in today's crowded airspace.

The Terra by Trimble TRT 250D Mode C capable transponder is fully TSO'd to Class 2A and approved for use in all general aviation and regional airline aircraft. It features a brilliant planor gas disvharge display which is clearly visible in bright sunlight. Also, as with all Terra by Trimble radios, the 250D has an automatic dimming feature which adjusts for all lighting conditions.

With the TRT 250D, you can select transponder codes with the single-knob cursor tuning. Aunique Terra by Timble feature also allows you to dirextly squawk VFR with a simple push of the button. In addition, this unit simutaneously displays active and standby coldes which you can transfer with a touch of a button.

For reliability and ruggedness in all conditions, the TRT 250D used the latest surface mount components. The TRT 250D's advanced design also incorporates state of the art LSI computer architechure and miniature microwave technology. This eliminates the expensive cavity tube transmitter found in lesser designs; another Terra by Trimble Technology Advantage.

Like all of its radios, Terra by Trimble houses the TRT 250D in a stainless steel mounting tray in either a single or dual mount chassis. You can also purchase an optional chassis that mounts into a standard 3" cutout.

The TRT 250D is the smallest transponder with the biggest features including affordability and innovative technology which keeps you seen and headed in the right direction.